Sleep with his mate

It's best not to hang out and wait for him - trust me there is a guy that I really like at the moment and after a short stint of going out - he called it a day. I can't understand why I like him so much, when he took him a month to finish with me and kept me hanging on for such a long time.

Now I just feel stupid and wish I could get him out of my head - but that will happen in time as I am starting to release the pain and move forward and not fantasize about him walking back in my life.

Top tip - don't sleep with a man on the first date - never works and they never stay with someone who does.

Don't do the chasing

Don't let him think he is perfect - he isn't and neither are you - so enjoy that

Don't put yourself down

Don't think about contacting him all the time

Love yourself - because guys see that and love that in a woman.

Sleep with his mate - just joking about one:))