I just dont know what to do!

I never asked for advise on flirting and relationships all my life, cuz i thought i was doing just fine. Im a freshmen in college and i just got out of a relationship, and when i decided to just focus on school and have my head straight. I stumbled upon a guy that i think is a complete perfection, anyway...we have a class together and i don't really know if he like me back. some of the things he does makes me so sure that he likes me and other times i feel so destined from him. I flirt , to make it obvious too, Iím pretty sure he knows it as well we have had a couple of really good conversations, he asked me for my screen name but didn't even ask me for my #, which is pretty typical from any guy i meet. But idk *sigh* he makes me confused cuz sometimes he seems like a tease, idk if that its the fact that he doesn't give me the attention that every guy gives me or that fact the i only run after whatís hard to get... soo PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

[Answer: the place to get personal advice is not here. Please go to: