I bless you and set you free

its funny how for such a long time we are willing to submit ourselves to a lesser, of what we truely deserve. In particular the reason of history. Having history with a person seems like a reason to put aside what you truely want for the sake of the history you had with your partner.

In my experience it has been so difficult to actually let things go when they feel wrong in the hope that the history you have will eventually make it better.

Fact is, the history, the past the beautiful feelings, movements secret conversations and hour long showers were in fact a moment of bliss in the fabric of time. although we clutch at straws desperate to hold onto these beautiful moment and rekindle the way we felt at that time - when time passes if it doesnt grow or perhaps changes too much its very rare that it will resurface again.

So as I am in the first day of many to come I repeat the mantra "I bless you and set you Free' it is powerful as it exudes kindness, grace and thankfulness instead of anger pain and frustration that has arisen over the time. Be thankful for what you have learnt, shared and let it go..