Become Friends First

If you are not in a relationship and have zeroed out of options in your community, it does not hurt to take a chance on the net. Just take it slow and become friends first. It is true that time does tell all. So take your time, become friends, and see if the seed you have planted grows. Six years ago I became friends with someone on the internet. In fact, I had stopped dating and was "hiding out" in my home, behind my computer, but wanted to at least "interact". I found a friend and a year and a half later relocated. A year after that we married. Two years after that we are still going strong. So, if you take in to account the time we began speaking and to this day, we have now known each other for over six years. Of course, I realize I am lucky to have found someone, but I was also cautious and did not make rash decisions. We both agreed to "go with the flow". When the time felt right to take each next step, we did, but after lots of talking about it first. Good luck to each of you looking. Don't give up to each of you that have been hurt because there truly is someone for you. For some reason, the time just isn't right. Take care. I wish you luck.