says they will be somewhere and dont end up there

This one is quite sneaky! Your partner says they will be a mates houseand they aren't. If they live locally be very careful..but if they ring and say they are going to this by there to see if there car is there, or if they are there. If you have an idea of where they are, go past this place. I did the sneaky thing of following my partner...when he said he would be at his friends..he was not there and drove straight past (i used a different car)he pulled up to a house and went in....i didnt jump to any conclusions. I left and later on asked him about where he went, he lied and said he was at his mates. I kept quite unitl i was 100% and it turned out to be i asked a friend if they knew who lived at that address and it was a girl he did the deb with and talks of her all the time. I accussed him of lying and then he came clean. It was sneaky of me but my gu instincts turned out to be correct!!!