OK. Some people think that it's wrong to begoing out with someone that dosen't have your skin color, or same watever. Im here to tell you. it is not. People who say these things, are freaking racist. Guys are horrible with this one. I should know, cause am one. We thhink the girl with big breast, skinny waist, and a big butt is the right kind of girl. If you think like this try reading the bible, it helped me alot. Girls, there are some things you need to lookk out for as well. Some guys who think they can get you, just by sweet talking you, isnt enough. You need flippin someone, whom you can trust, a friend is a perfect example. Some one who you know that can be there for you. Someone who can afford even the simplest of dates (guys, McDonalds is not a bad job to have for this reqiurement. Techinally my girlfriend likes me just because i have a job). Guys you can get a job, you just need to show everyone that you are ready for it. That you can work, that you can take your gf out. Find a way. Girls dont leave your man just the working guy. Help him in anyway you can. Findd a place you like to start out at, andd work. You may never know, you could marringg your parnter in the future. I have a starter job at McDonaldds, and Im already top employee after a year and 7 months, Ive stayed there. The pay anit that great, but they are really flexable, plus it's plain fun to make the food. one important thingg. Guys. if you ggoto prom or some other shindig, don't look at other women. Unless u know them, and you just wanna tallk to them. Be sure thoughh to keep 99.9% on your girl. Girls, if you are in a situation where you wanna ddance with another guy just for fun, check with your boyfriend first. It helps to know who yall are dancing with. guys if you see girl dancing some guy, andd shes trying to gget away from him and he's really forcingg for her, go over there and give him a peice o0f your freaking mind. Sure you migght end with a black eye, or somethingg of that matter, but your girl will love you, no matter what. girls, be there for your man as well. Yalls rellationship will soar. Me and my gf's is working ut fine. The pain of others is worth it.