dont come on to strong. IMPORTANT!

come on too strong
my friend never stops texting, calling, messaging, etc. this guy she likes.
at first he admitted he kinda liked her.
but as soon as she started annoying him
he got sooo sick of her
now all he talks about is how annoying and desperate she is.
its a total turn off to annoy a guy like that.
just text him and when he asks a kinda important question or something he really wants to know
dont reply until he resends the message or replys again.
playing hard to get is good. but dont act prude.

some guys like sluts some guys hate them. u have to look at the girls hes dated in the past and get an idea of what kinda girl he likes. if he likes sluts. than dont be a slut but wear a short skirt once in a while. show a little cleavage but not too much.
if he hates sluts dont dress like one.
smile a lot and find your cutest, prettiest smile.
narrow ur eyes. a lot of people saw to make them wide but then u just look too eager. narrow ur eyes and smile a closed-mouth cuter smile and if u have hair that covers ur eye tilt ur head down and look up from under it.

just some random tips no specific order really!! haha xD