Be Aware of Stressful Times

There are always going to be times that your partner is simply stressed out. He had a rough day at work, his boss yelled at him, and he comes home feeling very cranky. Sure, it isn't your fault, and it's not fair. But part of being a partnership is supporting each other against the world.

So don't take the grumpiness personally, and find ways to diffuse it. If he grumps, don't argue back - because the issue isn't the thing he's grumping about, it's just that he's full of angst. Get some food into you, maybe some wine, settle down to your favorite music or movie or TV show. Let him unwind a bit, and be there. Sometimes that security of love is what really makes the difference.

Now if someone ALWAYS comes home grumpy and this is a normal course of action - to take out the world's woes on you - then it's time for therapy. A couple should always be best friends together against the world. If one person is using the other as an 'easy punching bag', that is never right.