But Your Too Frigid..

ok, if you are a frigid person, or if the girl/guy you have your eye on is frigid, obiously your not going to always go up and talk or be touchy feely.

but being frigid is a bad thing in most cases, especially if the person you have your eye on is not frigid.. you must get over this by:..

1. stop being paranoid about it, you may think that everyone is going to notice you and critique you. do you notice everything everyone does?
2. a tip.. if you are in a big group and ,for example, want to give this person a hug, do it when most people arnt looking.. and always have a reason..
3. be stontaneoous, its refreshing.

people dont often like frigid people because you cant do much with them in showing affection, especially if theyre shy as well. start small and then just do something big spontaneously without thinking about it and you will find that it will be more confortable after this.