I'm going to run. (This one's kinda long)

I know that many people on this site may look down upon me for how I am going to break up with my long-term boyfriend.

But you guys sound like you are/were in deep and meaningful relationships with deep and meaningful people.

My boyfriend is the total opposite, I actually believe he is dead on the inside. He is about as apathetic as they get.

I have been going out with this guy for well over a year now and he still makes me feel like the only reason he is going out with me is because it is convenient for him. We live quite close to each other and I tend to let people boss me about and tell me what to do, we've had about two fights in the whole relationship.

I have felt this way for a long time. Possibly since day 1. I just always assumed that he was like this because we hadn't been going out very long but there is only so long I can believe this for.

I really feel that I need to be with someone who needs me.
So this is what I plan to do:

All I have to do is start off a small petty argument. This guy won't shout at me or anything. All he will do is stop talking to me. Literally the second I p*** him off he'll go silent. This has even happened whilst I'm at HIS house which can be very awkward.

Literally this guy will NEVER bother to speak to me again for the rest of his life, unless I ring him up and apologise for whatever I did (Even after a year, that is how apathetic he is).

The only difference is, that this time i'm not going to ring him up and apologise for whatever I did (be 10 minutes late or whatever).

This is how my first proper relationship is going to end. I feel as though this guy has robbed me of my youth