The Tease Kiss

HOW TO DO IT: You know how sometimes you're kissing and you take a quick break for air? When he comes back for more, pull back just a little (with a flirty smile) so his lips can't quite reach yours. (If you want, do it again but stay just a breath away from him this time, so he won't think he's being totally rejected!) Then run your hand though his hair, or along his face- And plant a Sizzling kiss on HIM!

WHEN TO MAKE YOUR MOVE: When you're both in a playful mood. (But not in public or he might feel dissed!)

WHY GUYS LOVE IT: He'll have to work to get closer to you, which is a huge, HUGE turn-on for guys. They love a little uncertainty!

WANT PROOF? "I like a challenge and this kiss totally keeps me on my toes," says Craig, 23.