Playful Physical Contact

Always remember to take things slow initially.
But when you want to turn things up a notch,
do things that will cause you and your friend to physically interact with each other.
Examples are...
1. Tickling -- This is fun, especially if your partner is tickle-ish (then they have a weakness that you can use in your favor). If he/she says a joke about you, this is a way to get them back while incorporating some physicality. It can lead to hugs and kisses.
2. Play Wrestle -- Now guys (please) you have to be gentle with the ladies. If you're too rough, you can hurt them and ruin the mood. But if you do it right (like placed them on the bed or couch) this can also lead to hugs and kisses.
3. Body Massaging -- Need I say more??? These are what usually lead up to more sexual encounters. But you shouldn't rush this. This should be the last one you use.
Good Luck