How to be sweet

OK, guys,
1)First of all you have to tell the girl a funny story, but not made up, because we realise... Make her laugh and when she laughs, smile too!! We love it when boys smile at our smiles!!!
2)You should also take her hand or hug her pretending to do something else, I dunno, examining her watch or her bracelets, teasing her... the important thing is that she notices you're trying to hug her or hold her hand or whatever... she'll find it so cute!!
3)If you want to kiss her, don't ask for a kiss, it spoils the romance, just come near her and kiss her gently first and move back a little... if she wants to be kissed she'll stay there and wait for more or lean forward and continue the kiss
4)If she starts talking, let her talk, show interest, we love it when they show interest!!
5)You MUST compliment her... anything will do... on her clothes, her makeup, her perfume, her eyes, her smile, her brains ANYTHING

Well I think you got her guys