Trust your Heart...and your dreams

I know this may sound like something out of the movies or a romance novel, but you really need to trust your heart when your looking for your soulmate. I found mine.

I also found that dreams are also a big factor. And with dreams also comes reincarnation. I mean, if you believe in soulmates, then you must have at least a small belief in reincarnation, how else would a soulmate make sense?

For years before I met my soulmate, I had dreams about him. I heard his voice...everynight in my dreams. His face changed, but his heart stayed the same.
Sometimes, in a dream, your soulmate may not always have the same form. Mine loved to take the form of a wolf that changed colors.

Another thing, when looking for your soulmate, is if you can start talking instantly without needing to break the ice or say something stupid.

Another thing to remember is that there are different kinds of soulmates. Basically the definition of soulmate is a soul that is connected to yours due to a pastlife expirience, it doesn't mean it has to be can be friendship or even hatred that ties your souls together. Me and my best friend are tied together through our souls. She may not be able to see her past lives, but I've seen her in mine.