you'll know your in LOVE when

LOVE:to me is when you can't stop thinking about that person everything you do you just can't take your mind off of him he just popss in your head when your spending time wiyh your family or having fun wiyh your cousins or even when you get in the tub.LOVE is when pick up that phone getting ready to call him/her your stomach just get butterflies and you hang up and take a deep breath and say i'll call tomarrow.LOVE is when you do anything to get that person back when he/she left you and your just depressed can't eat can't sleep and you pray every night for that person to call you and tell you he/she want you back.LOVE is you'll do anything to be with that person and ya'll could talk about anything together and when you cry he wipe your tears off your face.LOVE is when he tells you he want to be with you for the rest of his/her life when he offer to take you out to eat with his parents when he gives you money but you won't take it you just want that person for who they are.Yes i was in that situation and now he's gone and all i do is cry every day i don't eat as much any more and when i try to call him yes i do get butterflies and hang up that's real love to me and i feel tlike i'm missing a piece of puzzle and i can't find it and get ti to fit.LOVE is when he tells you he love you even though your with some body else i hope ya'll understand where i'm coming from.LOVE is when your depressed all the time and you can't be in no relationship because your waiting for that person to ask you to come back that what love is to me i LOVE you SHARAH and i will never stop thinking about you no matter where i'm at and i miss you so much.