Raising Children - Legal Issues

There are all sorts of concerns in modern times about 'unauthorized people' having access to children. Schools, day-cares, summer camps and other organizations are very careful to let only parents or legal guardians have access to the kids.

Fair or unfair, if you are part of a married couple, of husband and wife, then there are usually few problems. Either parent can have access to the child, the child's records and so on. But as soon as the organization senses there might be an "issue" - with an unmarried parent who they might see as an "ex" - they clamp down. They might insist the other parent be present, that forms be filled out, etc.

You know that the organization's heart is in the right place - they want to protect the child from harm. By being married, you help ensure that you always have full access and back-up in caring for your child.