The key to get a girl is

I am a guy, but do not misjudge me because of that.
All girls like to be treated good.
That is a pretty obvious thing, but most guys tend to forget that.

Don't be shy, open a door for her.
Whether it's the front door or a car door, it'll make her feel special.

Every girl likes to be special, because every girl is.
In their own way, every girl is unique.
And I hate it when guys take that for granted.

Tell her she's sweet, and remind her that you love her.
This shouldn't be hard for you to do if you truly mean what you say.

Look at her eyes.
AND LISTEN to them speak.
Don't space out or stare at something/someone else.
That is just plain rude.

And guys, just for the most part, girls love the little things about someone.
Not just the materials like how rich you are, or how nice of a car you have.
Yes, those can mean something, but they shouldn't be everything.
A relationship is when you love the person, not their materials.