Dont push them away

I was with my boyfirend for just over a year. He was my everything. About 2 months ago, he dumped me. I still havnt got a reason. One big mistake i have made is pushing him away. I cut all contact with him. I ignored him, blocked him on IM, blocked his myspace, tried not to look at him at school, didnt go 2 classes he was in. Everything. and it was the worst possible thing i could have done. Only now have we jst started talkin on IM. Only a few times, but already i feel so much better. I want him back so bad and i still love him with all my heart. Trying to hate him didnt work, so dont try it. Keeping him in my life is going 2 be hard, but this is the only way i have any chance of having him in my life. If im friends then maybe we can get back together, but if we dont, ive still got him in my life, he is to special 4 me 2 just throw away.
Dont push them away. It hurts seeing them and talking to them, but it hurts so much more when they arent there at all.