Getting Approval

Let's say you did get married. Would you write to the president of the US to get his "approval" of your marriage? Would you write to the Queen of England to make sure you had her approval? How about the Pope? Would you write to the head of the IRS? How about the mayor of your town?

If you did NOT plan on writing all of those people for approval of your very personal, very private choice to be with someone else for your entire life - why DID you feel it necessary to get approval from anybody else? Do you really need your local religious person's "permission" to love the person you love? If they said "No, go find someone else", is that fair? How about your local government - why can they choose to approve or disapprove your choice of a partner? Why do you need a piece of paper from them to make your love a real love?

If you truly love your partner, then you can commit to a lifetime of being with them, without needing a piece of paper from some approving agency to "force" you to be there.