A few tips from a gal!

Tip number one- You can tease! Teasing is fun once in a while, but not too much! If she teases you back...She likes you.

Tip Number Two- We love it when a guy holds/touches our hands, so pull her hand off of something like a computer mouse, arm wrestling, tumb wars, any thing to get her hands.

Tip Number Four- Come up from behind and grap her waist, tickel her on her ribs [and when she jumps get her in your arms...], put you hands on her shoulder, or lastly put your hands over her eyes and ask her "Guess Who"

Tip number five- If you likek to stare, go ahead... But don' let us see you staring at ANYTHING OTHER THEN our eyes... And if we see you, be a man and keep staring for as long as you can! We see that as manly. LOL

Those are just a few.. Be confident!!! And DON'T WORRY! Go for it.. And NEVER LIE to a girl! It hurts us! Bye!