Playfull to romance kissing (for guys)

Just before you and your mate part, give a quick peck on the lips, as she turns to take off quickly grab her hand and pull her back and give her another quick peck, as she turns again to part, repet the same but say "one more" the second time she gets pulled back (make sure it's playfully, not some gurilla pull) she'll giggle, but give the quick peck and then you turn away, take a step and then run infront of her and give her a passionate seductive kiss. A french kiss would work but lace your hands just above her ass and keep her close, suck on her lips gently (and i mean very gently) and just slide your tounge next to hers then over hers. Pull your tounge out, but don't break the kiss-still kissing her and suck her lips a little more with the same gentlyness and then break your kiss and smile. It'll leave her wondering where you came from and ya might get a treat when ya return home if it's done correctly. (believe me it works for me everytime)