how 2 turn on a girl

Am a girl so look if u want to turn on a girl smell good no girl wants a guy who smells bad n were something nice look nice but wen u see her n she says u look nice say I look like a dump nexts to u dat would make her so turned on but some girls like bad boyz I don't y but be ur self n talk to her like she is da only girl u see n guess wt she wants u 2 make out with her or kiss her so just go for it n she will kiss u back cuz if a guy kiss me I would kiss him back n don't play her like she some toy u can play with wen u want n call her every day just ones a day n tell her u love her n mean it.make some nick name for her like baby or baby girl or my petty girl or something but look it don't matter how u look well it dose a little like ones I went out with this guy dat my firends think is ugly but I now think he's sexy n am still going out with him n we went out 4 like 8 months n I love him now!!!