How To Flirt

The key word is sexy, not sluty. You hear words like, "OMG, if your like blonde and you have like totally big boobs." Umm, all I have to say, is when was the last time you thought about anything, and do you have a brain to think with? If you wanna flirt, here's some tips that don't have to get you half naked, or "open".

1. The Walk Away Tip: Go up to him, compliment em' then simply walk away, but just slightly look back at him with a sexy look. He'll get totally curios. But you can't say, "Hi" and wave or something. Brush past him, and say it sort of velictuouisly.

2. Start A Conversation With Him: Randomly start a conversation with him ask him casual questions, and show him that your interested in talking to him. Maybe this will make him more interested in you.

Hope you liked my tips. They're probably better than those some dumbass blondes give out... no offense. ;)