My Story

With this guy for about 4/5 months. He was my first boyfriend and I loved the experience. The feelings were fabulous. Had so many good times. Things were getting better and better and we got closer....or so I thought. We just dumped me out of the blue....BY TEXT and it was only 5 mins after seeing me in person as well. It hurt. It was such a shock. I begged and begged him and he just stood his ground and said no. NEVER EVER BEG AN EX!!! It just pushes them further away. Just say you're a bit sad its over and you want space. Don't contact them for a while. I did exactly that and he came back a week later saying he missed me :) I was so happy. So we got back but he dumped me AGAIN after about two weeks :( It just feels so wrong. He said he didn't feel for me anymore. It kills. I just want him to come back.