a rainbow isnt made of one color

No one can control the person they begin to have a crush on, wether its an action that person made or even their smile. Basically just go for it. I dated a chinese girl (im mexican) and what i found out was that all girls are generally the same. The only differences i found were our traditions, family, and beliefs. They do sound like huge differences but they arent enough to stop an amazing relationship from developing. These 2 people can fall in love and then begin to get acustom to their difference. With friends it might be weird, on the train, restaurant, there might be some weird glances from other ppl but none of that really hurts either person. Just talk about it and make sure to support each other and your relationship. Those weird glances will bring you two closer together. In todays day and age those weird glances arent as often but theres sometimes those few ignorant ppl. Color doesnt matter, other ppl dont matter. All that matters are your feelings and hers.

*new problems arise if family gets involved* ex. you introduce her to your parents. Even if they dislike her/him in the begginning as long as they see she makes you happy they will learn to love her as well. Everything works out in the end. Dont let color stop you from dating someone you find interesting/like.