Getting A Stronger Relationship With Your Early Date

This works like a charm. Always does.

If you've been going out our with a good friend for not very long and want to really boost your relationship status, here's what you do:

Ask her if she wants to go to the beach with you. But not during the day and to play in the water. Ask her to go around sunset, and try to go to a very secluded beach with little or no people on it. Just hold her hand and go for a long walk on the beach while talking to each other. The atmosphere around the beach is a GREAT place for romance. Once you have been walking for a while, try sitting down on the sand and face the horizon (make sure the sun is just starting to set behind the ocean). When this is happening, put your arm around her WAIST (not her shoulder), and start talking romantically to her. And, when the moment is right, slowly make your move. Start by almost unnoticeably to her, getting closer to her face (while still talking). Eventually get closer and closer, and go faster. Once you're close enough, just go for it. Just press your lips against her's, and I will guaruntee you success. Just sit there making out with your love on the beach. She will love you incredibly for this.

Trust me, I started dating this girl in 9th grade and I did this for our first date. It didn't fail. It was one of the the most amazing days of my life, and I still love her incredibly.