if this new girl asking your boyfreind out

dont let him fell in love with someone trys to watch him
and be with him hug him kiss him trys to make him in love with you if not then trys to give a lovely gift for your boyfreind and if they say you dont have to give me a gift and when they give it back dont take it just told them to keep it and when they say are you sure you say yes im sure and say i love you and when he say i love you too
then walk with him or go where he want to go talk to him and says how is your day going and when they says my day is good then says that i dont want to lose you i just wanna to be with you forever becuse i really love you and i really miss you soooo much and till them everthng you felt bad about them and you dont wanna lose them all you need is trys to make them say something back to you too just be with your boyfreind if it is time you to go say i got to go i love you... ill call you then when he say ok then just say bye