Sunny, Tiger, or Stud

I love him so much,and he utterly lightens up my day every time I see him though. That is why he is sunny. He hated the name "sweety" because he says he is more bitter then sweet, and also when I called him "babe/baby" he says I'm not a baby and nor am I a child.

He just so happens to be a soldier and my nickname is Katt, and he has started calling my kitty or kitten (aka his sex kitten). But this kitten is submissive so she needs a strong fierce cat to "get" her. Thus I call him Tiger.

Lastly, He is the cutest thing. He is hot. Some strangers randomly go up to him and ask for him to call them opr for his number. Makes me jealous at times but he is still all about me... I call him my stud.