Be Yourself, But Make Her Happy

Girls really just like guys that are themselves. It's not fun to find out that your man is a completely different person a month into the relationship. Just be you, no matter what, even if you're afraid of what she'll think. She started to like you because you were you in the first place.

Girls like honesty, all the time, we don't always have to know exactly what you're doing, but it isnt bad to be kept up to date.

Dont try to make us jealous. That is so so so not good. If you're jealous, tell us, don't try to do it back to us. That kicks into the whole honesty thing.

We're more sensitive than you are, and whenever we're being sensitive, we have a wide array of emotions, and words. So while to you, you're being nice and polite, to us you're being rude, ignorant, giving us attitude and you're being sarcastic.

Try and see things from our point of view. We're girls, not your buddies, but we do like to do things with you and your friends, just like your friends, we can be your friend and your girlfriend.

We try to be good for you, while still being ourselves, it makes us happy to see you happy. Just give us the same courteousy.