all u needa know ;D

okay. i've lived thru it and i'm a girl so trust me on all this shit. if u want a guy to like u, dont really go onto him too hard. give him compliments every now and then. u know, like "nice hair" or "luv the shoes" something that u would say to 1 of ur girl friends. he'll want to compliment u so if he does just smile and act like it was really nice of him. but dont reflect on it for too long! then go off with 1 of ur buds. he'll be thinking about what he said for a while. [[truuust me hehe]]

and some more tips; u should NEVER EVER EVER act like som1 else. guys will sense it when ur not as confident [[yea, they arn't that thick]] act like urself. cept ur laugh ;D u can make that whatever u want. i've changed my laugh alot. so far the laugh that works the best is the loud,cute laugh. not too annoying but big enough that the guy will give it notice.

1 last tip: if ur suspicious, its usually true [[unless ur paranoid and u know it]] so ask him about it. either he'll try to make u feel better, or what he says will make u MORE suspicious. trust me lol.

oo just 1 more lol: sometimes the best boy friend is also the best FRIEND. ^-^