pigeon holing

Guys... everyone is different. I'm in an internet relationship with someone 2000km away. We are in love, we trust each other, we know each other's souls, we are perfect for one another... and I can say this with the same "oomph" that I could before reading the 'tips' on this site. You can't predict how any relationship is going to turn out. It all depends on the couple, their internal and external influences, family, etc... love knows no boundaries (and knows no gender, but that's another story). Love is love. Kilometres aren't going to change that much, unless you let it. My best friend is engaged to her girlfriend of 3.5 years. They've never lived together, and they live 4 hours apart now... she's at uni, while her partner lives in the country (this friend is from the country too). They talk on the phone every night, they talk online every day, they see each other every couple of weeks. They're a brilliant couple, and great role models. My point being... there's a lot of stigma attached to online/long distance relationships. There's also a lot of stigma attached to teenage relationships, to gay men in the army, etc, etc. That's just our society's/media's influence. That's what OTHER people think... if you love your partner, and your partner loves you (you'll know if they do), that's all that matters. Now, I'm going back to MSN, to watch Les Miserables on DVD with my girlfriend via webcam/microphone :-P