Most girls are brought up around the Disney fairytales and Prince Charming and Cinderella and all that. So, for most of us, we continue to believe in fairytales for the rest of our lives. We all want that magical fairytale ending and we wonder who will be our Prince Charming and who will be there to protect and respect us. So be that Prince Charming. Be there to protect her. Always respect her, and never push her into something she doesn't feel comfortable with. Show her that you will always be there to comfort her and listen to her. Be that guy that offers her a shoulder to cry on and wipes away her tears while softly stroking her hair. The key is to be a strong, sweet, protective, gentleman around her and show her how much you really and truely care about her. Now, this won't work for ALL girls, but you'll know if she's that kind of girl or not. Remember, just be soft, slow, and really sweet. The kind of guy whose smiles melt her heart. I love you Connor! Thank you for being my Prince Charming and protecting me for all these years.