Initial Contact

Honesty is always greatly appreciated. Be honest. Tell the person that you like them. Unless you're a girl, of course.


Stop her with an "excuse me" or something to that effect, and say "You've got my attention" or something to that effect. Follow this by saying "I would like to get to know you better on an intimate level" or something to that effect. Then, smile and ask her where she would like to meet up to talk. Don't approach the situation with a cocky attitude, but rather one of confidence. If her response is an "I don't know" or anything to that effect, suggest something (picnic, zoo, somewhere scenic, a library, dinner, anywhere you both can be comfortable). Let her talk about herself. Ask such questions as her birthday (don't forget it), her favorite pasttime, her favorite treat (i.e. ice cream, chocolate, candy, ect., take note of this), her favorite type of food, what kind of movies she likes, what kind of books she reads (if she likes reading books), what her personal convicitions are (i.e. kissing on the first date, pretty much what her morals are and where she draws the line, this one takes tact), etc. For fun, take a planner along with and take notes in it. She'll notice, and when she asks what you're doing tell her you're taking notes so that you don't forget. It's a pretty good ice breaker. Personally, I don't suggest kissing on the first date unless she initiates by giving you clear (as in no doubt whatsoever) signs that its what she wants (and even so I suggest making her wait). Draw close enough that you might go in for the kiss, but calmly and smoothly back off, smile, and call it a night. Play it cool.


Play hard to get, but only to an extent. Let him know you're interested. Smile at him, say hi, maintain eye contact for 2 seconds or more (but don't stare, that's just akward), etc. Let him start the conversation, but don't leave him hanging. If akward silence builds up, be sure to have some questions to ask or a funny story to tell. Most guys are not great conversationalists, so we can use all the help we can get. When he asks you out, leave him hanging (tell him you're not sure, but be sure to get back with him soon and give the ok). Give him your number to call so that you can give the ok (very important, otherwise if you're not comfortable with that, then it'll have to wait until the next time you see him). I don't suggest kissing on the first date. It sets the idea that you're willing to move fast. If you really want to, either act like you're going to and turn away with a smile and maybe a giggle, or turn your back to him, then sneak attack him with a peck before running inside.