It May Be More Real Than You Think

I never thought about long distance and such, but one day, a guy came up in my contacts (replying to a chain mail?) and we started to talk. He really enjoyed talking and I did too. Every time he's on, I would be the firyst person to talk to, until one day he send me a email that he really liked me. It was really sweet and I just found out that I liked him too. So, we were together and now we are still. It's really cool because you don't have to worry about how you look, or how you act. You can be yourself over the internet and people will know your true self. No lies or anything. And he completely fell for ME and not how I look or anything. Now we are still together and we feel closer now. I only saw him once and he's awesome in person too because he knows that I won't make fun of him or anything. A week before I met him, I had doubts like if he's really single, or even if he's a real person. But I saw and and now I know it's real. xD