Its alll about Control and Power :)

Say you were on msn and he comes online.. you get an extremely strong urge to start talking to him. right? well you dont =]
You dont call him, dont text him, dont start any conversations and soon when he starts talking to you and hes all like... hello.. dont be like... oh hello adam how are you god ive missed you soo much! =] just be like.. hi. and then if goes you okay? just go "yh" dead short like that, so its like youre acting as if you dont care and you dont need him. and if he calls you be like...hello? and hell be like..hiya its me, you ok? go.. oh, hi! im alright, and you? and then just like... gradually build but never seem to keen, dont ask him to hang out! hint that you have a free house or youre spending the night alone or youre bored and see what he says. Trust me!

Also.. just think to yourself, hes just a guy.. im way better than him. If he wants me, hes gonna have to do a lot better than starting msn convos off =]

be in control!!! add me to msn for more advice if needed :)
x x x