Good looking girls

When you first see a person you cant tell who they are. All you know is how they look on the outside. so if a girl is pretty guys will aproche her make conversaitoin you know but if they arent particularly atractive they usually wont. So to all you girls who arent stuning you will probally need to go over and talk to them yourself to be noticed. Its not nice its not fair but its the way it usually works. Dont be put of by this however because if you can work up the curage to aproach a guy (if he is nice) he wont just blow and if hes not nice YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM bad boys are just that BAD they WILL hurt you. Sure it will go well with them for awile UNTIL you know that stunning babe we where talking about erlier ya her no matter how nice and wonderfull your personallity is the bad boys will take her every time. So make sure you get yourself a nice one