Remember You.

Being in a relationship is not about being depenedent on the other person for your own happiness or your own sanity. Being happy is up to you. Being happy is an independent choice, and it is important to always remember who you were, are, and why you were content before that person. In a real relationship it is about being independent together, and in turn sharing the exisisting happiness with eachother, and the happiness you give eachother from that. In essence don't get lost in that person, because you are your own person. The person that is right for you will add more to you, and the person that breaks your heart will also add more to you. Every new experience is a new piece to your heart. The only reason it breaks is so you can take more piecies, add, and reshape, to become better then before. Believe in who you are, what you will become, and what you have to offer---this way when the right person does come around you will be the absolute best for that person. Life is beautiful, and that beauty involves a mixture of pain,happiness,sadness,joy etc. Essentially, a recipe for growth.