The Kiss that's Unforgettable!

Ok....let's get something straight....I'm not going to tell you any type of secret spot on your significant other...or tell you the right way to touch them. The way you ADAPT to THEM! It's called paying attention to your significant others needs and wants.....and if those needs and wants happen to match a literal sense! First....don't think about technique or moves you read on here.....think about how amazing their lips feel on yours. Think about savoring the touch, the sensation, the feeling of their lips on if it were your last. Don't TAKE CONTROL OF THE KISS....your not trying to prove who wears the pants in this relationship....your savoring a moment, and sharing it with someone that you are obviously romantic about.

There will be NO MISTAKING this! I can assume all is different, but for me, when my eyes close, and my lips touch hers (i'm a guy), it's fourth of july going off behind my's a tremble that runs through your body like an's a release of gravitation that none can's a feeling NEVER duplicated! It's like searching for a unicorn....and when you find it, hold on to it with everything you got, because you might not EVER find it again (I speak from experience)