Girl Next Door

You might think that teen guys want sexy movie stars. But really, when you ask most teen guys, the girl they are very interested in is the girl next door. They don't want a sex machine that they are going to worry about 24 hours a day. Teen guys can be relatively insecure, they don't want to be with someone they are constantly worried about cheating on them. They want someone they can trust, someone that will not break their heart. They want someone they can love, and who will love them in return.

To most guys, loyalty is incredibly important. They don't want to be made a fool of. They don't want to pour their time and attention into a relationship, only to find out the girl is cheating on him. They don't want to go to parties and have their girl off being with other guys. That is far more important than a sexy body or fancy clothes. In fact, for many guys, a sexy body is an invitation to disaster. It means they will have to fight 24 hours a day just to keep their girl safe. It is far more important to have a girl that loves them, and that stays with them naturally.