Rick - Casablanca

Even many decades later, Rick from Casablanca appeals to many women.

First, he obviously cared for Elsa a great deal. He cried when she abandoned him at the train station. He was willing to ignore the past, as per her request. He wanted to marry her. Throughout the movie, he tries to do what is right for her.

He's a generally kind person. He helps a poor girl win money, to escape from town. He gives his ticket to Elsa's husband, so they can leave. He has a soft heart - but he also sticks by his rules. He's fought for the 'wrong side' in two different wars, trying to help out the underdogs.

He's interested in Elsa, but he lets her set the pace. He never pressures her. He lets her choose the pace of the relationship. He doesn't take advantage of her. He is always there for her - and he is willing to go through thick and thin for her. But he doesn't make demands of her as a result.