Is there really a healthy way to break up? And if so how?:
Most people dread breaking up like cleaning up the closet but if you do it right it doesnít have to be so bad just follow some of these tips and you will be fine
1 Break up with her/him in person and make it seem like you really care about her, just not in the romantic way yet
2 Bring her/him to a nice restaurant and tell her over some whine or champagne
3 donít tell your friends that itís over before you tell her/him, its just rude
4 donít wait till you think the times right, the longer you wait the harder it will be
5 donít break up with him/her because other people tell you to
6 give her/him an explanation, donít just do it because you feel like it
7 make sure you donít love her/him anymore
8 make it private; donít scream it to the world
9 if you break up with him/her and than call her 6 months later its just cruel to make him/her go through that again