help me up.. (little long)

99% of the time this works.. trust me.. lay on the ground when you are out of view from the parentals. casually ask, "are you going to help me up?" when you two or a group of friends are leaving that area. when he takes your hands smile without showing your teeth and tug a little bit and let go. then playfully say, "c'mon i thought you were strong." if he smiles then move on to step A and if he doesnt go to step B.

pull down harder the next time and hopefully he will get the hint and fall down on top or next to you. if hes on top lightly lick your lips. he most likely have nothing to say so he might kiss you.

the next time just stand up with his help and casually say, "thanks babe" but not to sexy. if you have to stand up after he gives an annoyed face this just shows you need more of a connection. if you stand up after he gives a smile, there is something there, but he isnt ready to take that step.