they know you

smile and laugh and let them know your used to them and they r used to them being around you too. just try to tease and play around with them laugh and smile but only do it if u see they are smiling too. after doing that for a while you just got to make slow progress in making physical contact and talking to them regularly. and remeber to always give them a kinda cute look from time to time.then its time to ask them out. knowing there best friends and hinting to them that you like that girl makes there friend simply die to want to tell your crush then it all works on its own from there. but if u dont know or cant get there best friend to talk with you then you need to do some flirting, like if they spelled some thing wrong on the computer or there paper come from behind them and put ur arms around them using there pencil or keyboard to fix it. just get into so emotional physical contact and then your probably got the girl you want now.