Tips From Every Angle!

As others said, the little things matter. I was just browsing through this site, and realized that all the information that has been given here is extremely accurate. My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of months, and after about 3 weeks of dating he had to go 400 miles away for work. I was scepticle of how we could make this work, considering the circumstances of our relationship, and the fact that I had already fallen for him. I decided that I wanted to make it work. Well to the point now..... My best advice, basically summing up everone elses passages is; when in a long-distance relationship, the small things matter the most. Just randomly calling or sending a text message and tell the person you love them (it always brightens my day and his). Talk on the phone every chance you get... and make sure to frequently send them messages just to check up on them (although you trust them, distance can make someone do stupid things.... send random messages and just say hi or ask what they are doing, because if they are always thinking of you, they are less likely to do something stupid). ALWAYS, every day ask them how their day went and details of what happened to them (show interest in their life, it will mean the world to them that you are interested). And most importantly, if you go and do something... let them know. The more you tell them about what you are doing, the more they will tell you (it builds your trust to a whole new level).

DRAMA!!!!! This deserves it own section.... Anyone and everyone, when they see someone happy and in love, people in this day and age will do anything to sabatage your relationship. If they are not happy, they will do anything to make you unhappy. This goes back into the whole trust thing.... you will find out how much someone really does trust and love you when some type of drama comes up. And if they trust you, when they ask you about something and you tell them whether it is true or not, it will be more believeable and they will trust you more if they don;t have a reason not to trust you. So don't give them a reason not to trust you!