how to play the game

when your talking to a girl/boy let them feel as if you care about everything that they say.when your talking, talk in a way that you will come off as this sexy person that know what their talking about no matter what.sametimes you have to put on this baby act girls/boys love that. dont talk about things you did in your past with your last girl/ makes them think u still like/love this person an you didnt get over it yet.always be the player never the game but dont let them know your on top of thier game. let them love u more then u love them.when their mad baby them they love to feel like a kid sometimes.never let them feel they rule you if so u have to put them in their place the first time they do something that u dont like.when their talking make shore u can say what they just said word for word they love it, it makes them feel important.make shore that their not with u for only what you got or what u look like because to be with a person it takes more then that.when u say something even if u dont mean it never let them know that.if the girl/boy is older then you make shore u know what your geting into. not everyone can go out with someone older because they dont now how to deal with have to be your own person no one whats a puppy that will always be in their foot because even if your in love with that person u will still need time to your self from time to is not a game to be played with if u dont know what your doing because u will be the one crying at the end.dont let no one make u feel as if what u have to say dont matter always get your point across. sometimes when someone in the street talk to u dont act as if thats the first time someone step to u.act as if u like the person but you dont want them at that time.tip dont give your number out to every boy/girl that wants u.