turnoffs are the worst; AVOID these:

okay, first i should mention that im a girl, and that there are some things that are a major turnoff; FOR ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE: avoiddd this :

never change your personality when you're with your friends and your girl is around. that'll piss her off. it also makes you look two-faced. dont put your relationship at stake becasue of something stupid like that..

also, never insult her. even if you add a "just joking", that doesnt mean anything to her, its the fact that you even "went there" that will piss her off.

one more thing, if she isn't ready for something, dont push her. dont keep asking her either. when she is ready, she will tell you. It will get her to think that the only thing on your mind is action, and my best relationships lasted because we werent in a rush.

LIFE IS SHORT, but make each day you spend together seem like they last forever. and that's what you want to do: spend forever, together.