Dinner ontop of the World

if you and your special someone are into rock climbing or buildering(climbing buildings) this is a great idea. hopfully you have a school or some building in your town that is tall and nobody is around at night. ask your s/s if he/she would consider climbing it with you for fun some night. Make sure that it is totaly safe, the Last thing you ever want to do is risk your special someones physical health.
so you two meet at the school on a nice night and you show her how shes going to get up. shes nervous but you assure her it will be alright and it will be worth it.you begin to climb and she meets her first obstical. you and her overcome it together. you reach the top together and to her suprise "whats this! -gasp!- a candle lit dinner that you prepared yourself after dragging the table, chairs, candles ect. that you brought up all by yourself just to make the other person feel special. and the view with the whole town lit up and the moon. "beautiful" you might want to say looking into their eyes and not the city. it may represent the challenge all relationships go throgh because they are never easy and the prize at the end simply meaning no matter what "it will be alright."its a great idea in theory but one more time. NEVER EVER RISK YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE GETTING HURT OR IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW!!!have fun :p