When You know you love someone

I am a young boy at the very age of seventeen. I have met the girl of my dreams and fallen head over heals in love with her. All the vital signs are there, I think about her constantly when we are not together, I dream about her when I am asleep, I smile everytime i get a text from her or the phone rings and I hear her voice, When she holds my hand I feel untouchable and the rest of the world doesn't matter at that special moment and when we kiss there is no more special feeling in the world. Its unbelievable how this girl makes me feel and I just know it has to be love. When you truely believe in your heart that she is the one and when she can make you smile even when you are in the worst of situations it is love. When you feel that you cant live without the person it means you love them. Just remember love is like breathing, If you love someone you cant stop.
Hope this has been helpful but i really doubt it has, Just show the person you love them and you will find out by their reaction if they love you, may it be a smile or just a soothing reply with the three special words that you need to hear.