Truth about cheating

Its impossible for one person to fulfill another's needs. Face the facts, no one can do it, you got emotional needs, and sexual needs. you can fulfill both for a while but the sexual part fades

Its inevitable that the one will get desensitized by another's touch, pheromones, looks...that's why sex drive drops in a relationship, its not that the person neglects the other. its just that's its familiar like eating the same food everyday. it will get old sooner or later.
There are factors that slow that process down, thats another theory altogether...

There's so much temptation, girls wearing shirts that show off "the goods" perfectly... wearing just leggings that is probably going to start a fetish very soon. No joke

Sex is a drug and honestly I think flirtation is too. It gets the endorphins flowing. So in a relationship that drug goes away so people in relationships are craving that. And if anyone has ever smoked and tried quitting cold turkey ... you know how it is to be with out something and would give up a meal to get a pack of smokes,

Its never the other persons fault. How can you feel responsible, you don't own the other person, you cant control what they do ... so if they do it... there's nothing you could have done to prevent it. The only thing that is your fault is thinking for one minute that the other person wouldn't cheat.

Plus men don't have much say in who we sleep with ... if someone is paying us some attention and wants to give us some ... we take it. Women on the other hand could literally go out strike up a convo with a guy ... 10 minutes say lets go back to my place, and she's got him... So if a guy cheats on you and you go out and cheat on him ... Punishment does not fit the crime. That's why there's a double standard. the game is rigged against us ... partially cos of guys being so easy, but still.

So when you wanna know why Men and women cheat its because you cant fulfill both of their needs forever, people get desensitized, sex and flirtation is a drug, a new partner is that new drug.

For men there's even more reason, all the temptation of seeing girls go by looking amazing, and we cant just flirt and get what we want, there's a lot of walls women put up, their insecurities, low self esteem, pickiness, so when there's an opportunity we take it, or should.

So just next time someone cheats on you ... remember its not your fault and there's nothing you can do to prevent it ... It still sucks, but be realistic. Anyway maybe that will help clear things up