Basic asking and how to act. (guys or girls)

Now I'm not saying all guys or girls do this but everyone seems to get buckled knees when your in the presance of the one you like. Look #1 don't ask the person out when you first meet them, it makes them feel kinda uncomfertable, instead try and get to know the person alittle more, but don't get too friendly because it gives mixed signals to the one your trying to get. Anyways GUYS! do not and i repeat do not and do not again just blurt it out that you like a girl. (you'll get slapped lol jk jk jk) You must at all times just be yourself around them, FWI women hate "macho men". Also men look, not all the girls in the world are the most beautiful in the world but some sure act better, so maybe the most beautiful girl in the world isnt as nice or as themselves. AND WOMEN! do not judge a guy by how he looks, judge by how he treats you and acts around you. MEN! Remember to always talk with your heart and not your "you know what". Women learn to recognize that some men that don't look good as others but they sure can treat you better. Hope this helped . oh and FWI (I'm a guy, and I'm 15)